In a futuristic Earth, the population's genetic structure has been enhanced...will you use these new powers for good or evil?
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 EXP and other die rolls

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PostSubject: EXP and other die rolls   EXP and other die rolls Icon_minitimeTue Mar 29, 2011 4:42 pm

The dice:
To understand the dice, its easy.

Take whatever you are trying to do (if it relates to chance such as hacking something) and then roll a die. Take that die roll and add on 2 factors:

1. Take your LUCK stat and divide it by 5
2. SUBTRACT those numbers to the die roll
3. Compare to your actual stat and then, if you roll lower then your stat then you get to do whatever it is that your hacking!


After defeating someone/thing, you get an EXP roll PLUS a modifier of how strong/weak you are compared to them. Weaker enemies (-1 per level your stronger then them by) doesn't give you as much EXP as stronger enemies . Stronger enemies (+1 per level your weaker then them by) can grant HUGE EXP bonuses.

IF you want to level up, you need to explain to me what you want to fight (Example: a low level enemy AKA common street thug lvl 1) and then, after you beat it (I will control it or another admin will) you then get an EXP boost. Roll the EXP dice, then add your LUCK stat divided by 5, and thats your EXP. PLUS, add on the level modifier.

EXAMPLE: A level 5 Soldier against a level 10 Thief would result in this for each:

a die roll of a 3 will give the soldier 8 EXP IF he defeats the thief.
a die roll of a 8 will give the thief 3 EXP IF he defeats the soldier.

EXP cannot be negative! the lowest amount you can get is 0.

EXP then gives you levels, but you MUST MANUALLY add the EXP to your Character sheet or we will all assume that you didn't earn it.

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Character sheet
Money: $272
Weapons: Night Vision Goggles, Camouflage Blanket, JailBreaked USB, Akimbo M9 Pistols, USP.45 pistol with a silencer, Knife, Long sword with flames on the inside
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EXP and other die rolls Empty
PostSubject: Re: EXP and other die rolls   EXP and other die rolls Icon_minitimeThu Mar 31, 2011 3:06 pm

~The Dice roll for Dummies, Since I need one too~
Dodge Roll 6
To Hit Roll 6
Luck Roll 12
Armor Roll 12
Lock Picking Roll 12
Wound Roll 12
Hacking Roll 12
Haggling/Persuasion 24
Exp Roll 24
Searching Roll 36
Looting Roll 48
Stealth Roll 60
Spotting Roll 60
Item Search Roll 144

This will also help you figure out if your in the good or not.
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EXP and other die rolls
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