In a futuristic Earth, the population's genetic structure has been enhanced...will you use these new powers for good or evil?
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 The Rules of the Market

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The Rules of the Market Empty
PostSubject: The Rules of the Market   The Rules of the Market Icon_minitimeWed Mar 30, 2011 1:41 am

Here's a few rules

Anything after Master level CANNOT be haggled on

You MAY steal, but you must roll your Luck die, and your stealth and speed dies, and divide the outcome of the Luck die by 5 and the Stealth die and Speed dies by 10.
Then, someone must roll against your dice by rolling a Luck die, an accuracy die, and a speed die
if the final outcome of yours wins, you win the object (Up to veteran)
if they win, get ready for a fight and a trip to jail regardless

You may bribe the merchant themselves by slipping them an extra ___ amount (Determined by Haggle, Charisma, and People Skill dice rolls, adding them together, adding the skill you have together, subtracting the two, and multiplying by 10) Example: Haggle roll of 10, Charisma roll of 5, People Skill roll of 15. Total for roll is: 30. Haggle skill is 5, Charisma skill is 10, People Skill is 5. Total for Skills is: 20. 30 - 20= 10. 10 x 10= 100. For the merchant to drop the prices by %10, you must pay him $100.

People may sell things for their own prices, and must make a topic according to it and listing what goods are for sale. This is an easy way to make money, as when someone offers you ___ amount you may choose to accept or decline.

Bidding is also aloud, in which you have a base price for an item and then you have an addition. An example is a Trash Pistol starting at $5 having a bid increase of $1. After 5 bids the Pistol would be sold for $10.
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The Rules of the Market
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