In a futuristic Earth, the population's genetic structure has been enhanced...will you use these new powers for good or evil?
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 ''Special'' Guns

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PostSubject: ''Special'' Guns   ''Special'' Guns Icon_minitimeWed Mar 30, 2011 4:45 pm

Have you ever wanted that ONE gun..That ONE gun that could do it all?! Well here at the Blackmarket, you still cant. :/
You can get special customized weapons, that make you feel like you got the real deal!

Lightining infused weapons:
With the use of nanites and a continuous negatively electrical current embedded into the users bullets, intense shocks, or "lightning" can be shot with every bullet, causing massive damage.

Lightning weapons:

Uzi: 123k
Attachments: A spiral silencer, extended ammo clips

Ak47: 110k
Attachments: Double Barrel, extended ammo clip

P90: 150k
Attachments: Finger Identification, Automatic firing

Incendiary infused weapons:
''Elemental'' weaponry has grown in usage and development of the impending decades, so with the use of super heated plasma and napalm, packed tightly inside your bullets, a sudden and rapidly spreading fire can be spewed on unsuspecting victims. (This works best with shotguns)

Uzi: 200k
Attachments: Splatter Silencer, extended ammo clip

Double Barrel Shotgun: 150k
Attachments: Extender, Solidification Rods (A bullet of pure fire launches from your gun and into your selected targets, causing almost automatic disintegration)
Uzi colors: ''Special'' Guns Thumbnail.aspx?q=414045640395&id=24e18b872e1fe134d270b138d073b419&

''Special'' Guns Thumbnail.aspx?q=407783410996&id=57fed4cf0c28a4ccdd83d2addfcb5a4d&

''Special'' Guns Thumbnail.aspx?q=471697337369&id=c08e99b00e85e2dc53d4944ddc7284a3&

Ak47 colors: ''Special'' Guns Thumbnail.aspx?q=846807114916&id=2c824049e202311d2dd9d0572afb5e35&

''Special'' Guns Thumbnail.aspx?q=613634475721&id=05d6debfaa897165346cad126da89dcb&

P90 colors: ''Special'' Guns Thumbnail.aspx?q=678308090900&id=05633b9576461a9ddaddc73db137fba6&

''Special'' Guns Thumbnail.aspx?q=702619190244&id=06f309d3c8054b852e1f41bacfaea669&

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''Special'' Guns
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